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Webroot Internet Security Plus 2020 Review


The word "necessary" means something absolutely necessary - something that you can't do without. But Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2019 is, unfortunately, a bit confusing: its performance in malware protection has proven that it simply can't protect a modern computer. If you want to have "necessary" protection, you should look elsewhere.

Overall Webroot performance landed on the distant last place of one of the 13 applications tested. It had only one bright spot: it completely blocked 22 of the 25 malware attacks in the real world and partially blocked the other three attacks. But in every other analyzed category, it failed. Its malware detection rate of 93.2 percent is not the worst we've seen, but it's still below average compared to the other packages we tested. False alarms were also a problem, especially if we had already checked the infected machine: the dynamic Webroot malware detection engine identified as much as 20 percent of our secure but questionable sample files as malware.

the impact on overall system performance is grim: when scanning on demand, Webroot was the lightest of 13 applications, and when scanning on access it was not better, ranking 12th among 13 scans launched when opening or saving documents. The problem was also the system delay with Webroot running, landing the application in the ninth location. On the other hand, Webroot provided a moderately good 70% rating on removing active parts of malware from infected programs. Webroot is no less than a very simple application. Designed for beginners, its main interface provides only a small number of options, with large and bold images that indicate whether your system is protected.

If necessary, video tutorials are available to help you keep your hand up, and the company makes it easier to locate additional support thanks to the excellent placement of online help links and service line number 800. This can be useful if you don't notice the Webroot trend to automate decision making for you. For example, the integrated firewall is set to block inbound links by default if you do not replace your decision within a few minutes. If you decided to have a cup of coffee at that time, Webroot could create a big problem in the home community, where it did not exist before. Webroot is fairly easy to use and we all appreciate application add-ons, including a secure online backup tool and a difficult disk scrubber (which removes temporary crap files and cache to save space).

But it really doesn't matter if the app doesn't provide you with security. Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2019 is a very fast security package and will ensure relatively safe operation of your system, however, it suffers from a cluttered interface and too many complicated settings. In our actual assault tests, Webroot completely blocked 96.2 percent of attacks. This is a fantastic result, but it is not at the highest level. Unfortunately, 3.9 percent of unblocked attacks completely unblocked, which meant that the machine was infected 3.9 percent of their time. Webroot has a decent malware detection rate: It has detected 99.9 percent of the samples in our "zoo" malware detection rating that exposes the antivirus program to tens of thousands of malware samples discovered in the last four weeks. In our false-positive test, Webroot marked 14 protected files as malicious. Although this is not a bad false positive percentage (the rating does not cover more than 250,000 documents), several packages we recently watched had an excellent false positive rate.

As part of our assessment of cleaning, Webroot was able to detect 93.9 percent of diseases and turn off 81.8% of them. He managed to remove all traces of the disease 48.5 percent of the time - a result lower than average compared to other apartments we have recently seen. Avira Internet Security 2019 removed 50 percent of the infection, AVG deleted 60 percent, and the remaining packages cleaned 70 percent or more. Although Webroot protection may not be at the highest level, it is a fast program with little impact on performance. It had the fastest scan time of all the 2019 packages we tested, both for on-demand scans and access scans. This is a one-click installation process and does not require a restart. The program does not attempt to configure any add-ons, such as toolbars, or attempt to change any settings.


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